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  • Nevena Nestorović

    Nevena Nestorović

    Product designer specializing in SaaS, with a sweet spot for branding, digital illustrations, and content creation.

  • John Utz

    John Utz

    Customer obsessed digital product leader. Changing healthcare and insurance one product at a time.

  • Becky White

    Becky White

    Lead Design Researcher @ Canva, formerly Atlassian. Passionate about the intersection of product, strategy and design. Reader, learner, explorer, surfer.

  • Yousuf Rafi

    Yousuf Rafi

    A Caffeine dependent writer who loves writing on self-help, life, happiness & motivation. To read all articles, use my affiliate link https://bit.ly/3uJutbA

  • Taras Savytskyi

    Taras Savytskyi

    Senior Product Designer at Ethena | taras.link

  • Caio Braga

    Caio Braga

    designer @ Momentive.ai, editor @ UX Collective

  • Freda Higgs

    Freda Higgs

    UX Designer — passionate about ethical design! Inspiring my readers through empathy! https://fredahiggs.webflow.io/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/frederike-higgs/

  • Michael McWatters

    Michael McWatters

    Director, Product Design at HBO Max, formerly TED. Skeptical humanist, earnest to a fault. Better after a nap. More: mmcwatters.com

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